To understand Dexter Morgan, Watch Dexter Online

Dexter is not like any other crime TV show for viewing at prime time. It enthralls and involves the audience as much as the psychedelic protagonist Dexter Morgan baffles wrong doers. Working in the crime laboratory of Miami Metropolitan Police Department, he has access to cases which he analyzes in mind boggling details and solves the cases following intuition and his own characteristic sense of scent of crime. By night he changes into a diabolical monster, as he call himself, and hunts down his leads and puts an end to the ultimate criminal. All of this, in one episode. For those of you who have wanted to watch Dexter online in your home at your own leisure instead waiting for the show to unravel itself on TV, breathe easy, it is possible now and you can watch Dexter online.

It may be shocking that someone who is regarded as a hero actually deems it fair to kill people. But then, watch Dexter online and you will understand that he kills those who commit murder and manslaughter. Being a blood-spatter specialist, he keenly understands the way murder works and his analysis helps him understand the psyche of the murderer and ups his ante. His emotional aloofness from ‘humans’, his liking for children, his use of human relationships to forge a credible disguise that hides his real personality would make for an interesting watch online for free. Watch Dexter online today and everyday!

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